Unable to access "size" column in Particle Analyser (3D) plugin

Hi everyone,

I have encountered a small problem with the Particle Analyzer (3D) plugin. After running the plugin, I am trying to extract the data in the size column in the output Results window. However, when trying commands such as getResults() or Table.renameColumn () I get an error saying “size” column is not found. I can however manipulate the data in the other two columns called “Class” and “intensity” using these lines. The macro I am using have worked with other “Results” windows previously. Could it be that this is a bug linked to the size column only? Does anyone know about a clever way to get around this issue?

The plugin I am using can be found in Plugins → Process → Particle Analyzer (3D).

If anyone’s interested, this is the simple procedure I am trying to do with the size column:

for(i=0; i<nResults; i++) {
    	totalVoxD += getResult("size", i);