Unable to access algorithms

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I have downloaded Cytomine version3 following the instructions on Cytomine Documentation | How to install Cytomine. But in the algorithm tab, it shows no algorithms. The list is empty. How can I access algorithms available on github of cytomine?

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Hello @Ayesha_Munir,

Did you configure the Trusted Sources in the admin panel ? There you should specify you want your Cytomine instance to regularly check trusted repositories for new algorithm releases. You can add the Cytomine base repository like this:

Thanks for any feedback, we will improve the documentation.

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The trusted sources have been configured already, still I am unable to access algorithms.

@Ayesha_Munir :

So you do not see them at all in the Algorithms tab like this:

Can you try a “Refresh” of the trusted source ?

If you then see them, please enable them in your project (in the Configuration panel of the current project) ?

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Okay so I am able to access algorithms on local instance following your steps, but still am unable to access them on server version

@Ayesha_Munir Can you clarify what are the differences between your local and your server installation ? Also could you copy/paste the output of sudo docker logs software_router once your perform a refresh of the trusted source on the server installation ?

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The server installation was done the same way as the local version except that I installed it on centOS and then access the cytomine core url remotely.

Below is the output of sudo docker logs software_router

Hello @Ayesha_Munir ,

I see in the image that the Software Router try to connect to core.cytomine.com.

However, their is no Cytomine instance on http://core.cytomine.com/ and you will not be able to install an instance at this URL because you don’t have the cytomine.com domain name. :slight_smile:

When you install Cytomine on a server, it is to be available remotely by you or others people through intranet/internet. To this end, you need to have URLs that redirect to the server where Cytomine is installed so you must have recorded the related DNS entries.

If you are not familiar with these operations, contact your system administrator for defining valid URLs that you will be able to set into the configuration.sh files.

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Thanks for your reply @geektortoise,

We have deployed cytomine instance on the server and are able to access it at URL http://core.cytomine.com/ but we are accessing it through vpn instead of creating DNS entries.


I’m not an expert in networks but I guess that your “local DNS rules” is not used by the software_router component.

By default, Docker seems to use the Google’s DNS but it seems to be possible to configure it : Container networking | Docker Documentation

A curl command inside the container can help you to check that :

sudo docker exec -it software_router bash
curl -v core.cytomine.com