TypeError when using the IdentifyObjectsManually module


I am using Cellprofiler 2.4.0 for the quantification of adipocytes and crown-like-structures in fat tissue. For the quantification of the crown-like-structures I wanted to include the module IdentifyObjectsManually as the structures are hard to distinguish from normal adipocytes. Though, I get an error when it reaches this module in the pipeline. The following error is displayed:

When selecting continue processing I get the following window:

What can I do to fix this? It even has this error when I analyze the image in a seperate pipeline including only this module.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry about that! I’ve filed this bug; in the meantime you can try using the Beta or Stable (2.2.0) versions of CP, I’ve verified that IdentifyObjectsManually works ok in those builds.