Txt file as pipeline file from publication


For my phase contrast images analysis, I’d like to try to adapt the CP pipeline (Supplementary code 2 (http://www.nature.com/article-assets/npg/ncomms/2016/160107/ncomms10256/extref/ncomms10256-s3.txt) provided in the following article: Label-free cell cycle analysis for high-throughput imaging flow cytometry (http://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms10256#methods). Unfortunately, once saved on my pc, I can’t make CP to open this pipeline file. What am I doing wrong? How do I convert this txt file into pipeline file?



Can you try rename the extension of the file:
From: ncomms10256-s3.txt
To: ncomms10256-s3.cpproj

Then open CellProfiler >> Open project >> choose the renamed file.

Hope that helps.

wow…it works, I should have think about that…anyway thanks

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