Two Postdoc positions in object detection/recognition

Two postdoctoral positions on a joint project: Khalifa University – University of Western Australia.

We are seeking two postdoctoral positions to work on joint research project
between the Center for Cyber Physical Systems (C2PS) in Khalifa University,
UAE, and School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Western Australia.

The intended research addresses problems within the spectrum of object detection and recognition from X-ray images or other types of modalities. The core problems include proposal generation from occluded shapes in cluttered scenes, class imbalance learning, attention aware pooling, contextual modeling and expert knowledge modeling. Prospective applicants should have a solid background and extensive experience in machine and deep learning. Expertise in R-CNN, GAN, Siamese networks is highly desirable.
The research will be conducted in Khalifa University, but the candidates are
expected to spend research visits at the University of Western Australia, in the
research group of Prof. Mohammed Bemammoun (

The candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary team including faculties,
research scientists and Ph.D. and Master students. He/she is expected to
demonstrate a commitment to deliver results, adaptability and the ability to work in a teaming environment.
The Post-Doctoral research appointment is for three years with an attractive
salary package including medical insurance.
Interested candidate shall send CV and selection of relevant publications to:

Dr. Naoufel Werghi

Prof. Mohammed Benammoun