Two openings in the Saalfeld lab at HHMI Janelia

The Saalfeld lab at HHMI Janelia has two open positions to fill.

We are looking for a post doctoral researcher who is interested in developing scalable machine learning based methods for difficult image and video analysis problems, and a software development engineer who will help us making our methods available as open source tools and libraries and also to keep our existing set of projects in order (please check However, we are not too strict about this job description. If you do something super interesting but don’t have a PhD yet, please reach out. If you are an excellent open source hacker with no formal software development background, show us your work and we’ll talk.

We haven’t posted an official announcement yet but I will update this post as we get there. Please start messaging me already. Have some references ready: open source projects that you contributed to, machine learning experiments or other computational magic, papers or blog posts, anything you find worth considering. Feel free to tackle any of our many open issues on GitHub.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I finally managed to post these jobs properly.


Software engineer:

Please feel free to ask me any questions if you’re interested.


Welcome to the lab @cmhulbert!

Caleb will take care for #Paintera and other software projects. He already finished @igorpisarev’s work to make #Paintera run on JavaFX 13 which makes it run again on my Ubuntu 20.10. Great start. More news coming later.

We have talked with a small number of candidates for the postdoc position but nothing is set yet. Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested.