Tutorial plugins not installing properly?

Getting back to creating an ImageJ plugin after a while. I just downloaded the tutorials and built them using Maven. Now if I install the Simple Commands tutorial, I am expecting to see a menu item under Help>Hello, World. Nothing is showing up however. What do I need to do to get the Tutorials up and running in Imagej?

Steps I took:

  • Installed ImageJ (from brew, on Mac, version 1.52A was installed)
  • Checked out the tutorials (git clone https://github.com/imagej/tutorials.git)
  • Built using maven (mvn install)
  • Installed by pressing Install Plugin and selecting the built Simple-commands.jar
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Replying to myself here, could this be related to the version of ImageJ that was installed? If I install Fiji from the website, I get version 2.0.0-rc-69, which is built on ImageJ 1.52p. If that is it, that is confusing as version 1.52a “should” be compatible to version 1.52p in my opinion, as this sounds like a minor version increase.

Also, Fiji installs with a Java8 runtime, while my system is sporting a Java 13 version. If that is it, that is also confusing as Java should be very good on backward compatibility.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hello Martin -

You don’t mention whether your tutorial plugins work with the
webstie 1.52p version. I agree that this is unlikely to be the
issue, but you should at least try it.

I don’t know whether this is relevant, but let me throw it out there.

I have a related issue – java 9 on my system, but java 8 shipping
with fiji. So when I compile plugins, I run the javac compile as

   javac -source 1.8 -target 1.8 ...

I don’t remember exactly why I do this (or what the consequences
of not doing were), but I did get some kind of reasonably obvious
(compile-time?) error or warning that pointed me in this direction.

Again, I don’t recall whether not doing this actually broke anything
or whether it’s just cosmetic, but it works for me. In any event you
can tell the “new” javac to target its code for the “old” java that will
be running it.

Thanks, mm

Thanks for the hints @mountain_man. I replied to myself because it started working but unfortunately forgot to put that in the post. I am baffled why the plugins magically start working in the Fiji/1.52p/java 8 version and they do nothing at all in the ImageJ/1.52a/java 13 version.