Turboreg,stackreg ,multistackreg Issue

Dear All,
@imagejan @Christian_Tischer @anon96376101 I wanted to know if anyone else is having the similar problem i.e., rotation of the stacks when i apply either of turboreg,stackreg,multireg plugins.
I have used the reference image as the first one.
I have a stack of many images and when i applied this rigid rotation or even translation as below :
I have the satcks of the output which are rotated like below:
But in the website examples,the stacks doesn’t rotate
can I know what could be the reason for the rotation of the frames.i wanted non-rotated frames inorder to see the 3D projection .
I will be glad if you could help with this :smiley:
Thank you.
Have good day

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Hi @mounika_rapolu,

how about allowing only Translation instead of Rigid Body as transformation type? Do you have reasons to assume that the data in your stacks are transformed by a rigid transformation?