Tumor margin annotation and pixel classification


I am using pixel classification to separate tumor/stroma in mIF samples, but I would like to create another “parent”, tumor margin and stroma´s area closest to the tumor? Do you know if it is possible extending any specific “microns” in tumor/stroma anotations in order to create these other?

Many thanks

I’m not sure I see exactly how you want the shape of this new annotation to be, but I think you might like the Object > Annotations… > Expand annotation command :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your reply. It looks good when tissue is around of my annotation tumor, including remove interior. The issue is with mi tumor annotation is a border, any way to delete this area

If you have a Parent tissue annotation, you could use the constrain option.

In this case I created the yellow annotation second, and entirely inside of the red annotation. I used the right click context menu to Annotations->Insert into hierarchy.
Then constrained to that parent.
The constrained result is in teal/cyan.