Trying to export OME-TIFF and getting "OME-XML Java library not found" error

I have a OME-TIFF stack of time-series images. I want to “Save as…” > “OME TIFF” and save each timepoint as a separate image. However, after following the dialog box prompts a new window appears and an error is displayed: “OME-XML Java library not found”.

I’m using the Windows 64-bit version of FIJI. Does anyone know a solution?

Dear @karhohs,

could you try to download a fresh version of Fiji and see if the error persist?


Dear @karhos,

How are you setting the file names for each image? If you’re using the original filename then this may be the problem - I’ve had this problem before .ome.tif occurs twicein a filename you get this error…

Apologies if this isn’t helpful!

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