Try it out - ZEN Data Explorer

Hi all,

may some of you are interested to take a look at the demo website of our ZEN Data Explorer (while being looked at home …), which is a web based viewer connected to the ZEN Data Storage solution, which can be used to store basically any image files thanks to the 3rd party import functions provided by BioFormats.

And now the apps for ZEN Data Explorer are available in the App store and in Google Play! Please use the following demo server to try it out


Port: 443
User: demo
Password: P@ssw0rd

iOS App - ZEN Data Explorer

Android App - ZEN Data Explorer

Feedback and ideas on how to connect those tools with existing solutions or general feedback is always welcome.

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Very polished work !
A quick comment about the line measurement, I find it is not intuitive but perhaps I miss the use-case. When I try to move one of the end-point, it rigidly moves the line as a whole. I can only rotate by using the the center point, but doing this will rotate both end-points.