TrunkBuilds of CPA

Hi there,

Via the CellProfiler wiki on Github I have been able to find the trunk builds for CellProfiler, which are made by the CruiseControl build system.
I’ve not been able to find trunk builds for CPA however. Would it be possible to have such a TrunkBuild repository for CPA as well?

Best, Tom

We’ve just created one, available here:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the link, but I tried both the CPA for Mac and Windows links and in both cases I get trunk versions of CP downloaded instead…

The links on the webpage lack the _cpa before the .cgi: … target=mac … rget=win32

should be … target=mac … rget=win32

With these addition I do get the CPA builds and they work fine. I can plot 66x66 PlateViewer plates AND the density plot axes are OK on a first glance!

Best Tom

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the pointer! The links on the webpage have been fixed.