Trunk builds available

The CellProfiler development team maintains three CruiseControl ( installations, one to build and test our Macintosh .dmg, one to build and test the 32-bit Windows version and one to build and test the 64-bit Windows version. Each instance of CruiseControl monitors our SVN repository for changes, checks out CellProfiler after any change, runs our unit tests and, if the tests pass, publish the results. The builds have passed our tests, but have not been run through our nightly build test which runs all of our example pipelines and checks the results against a gold standard. We analyze these results fairly thoroughly before a release; we might add a measurement to a module which requires updating the standard and validating the measurements produced by each pipeline. So, although we have some degree of confidence in our trunk builds, they are not at the same standard of quality as our releases.

Given the above caveats, along with the standard ones in our copyright notices, here is the link to our trunk build download page: