Trouble with Remote Computing

Hi! I’m relatively new to image analysis and extremely new to remote computing. I am trying to run a CellProfiler pipeline through a remote computer. I’ve been using the Ubuntu subshell to connect to the remote computer, and have created an SSH tunnel that connects my desktop to a remote database server. However, I’m unable to connect to the database using the “Export to Database” module. I’ve attached a photo of the error that occurs. I entered the host, username, and password that were in my cnf file.
Originally I also thought that by establishing the tunnel I would be able to run CellProfiler by just opening it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I tried the command from someone else’s thread, but I don’t think it was for Ubuntu. If anyone has any answers or suggestions it would be very much appreciated! Hope you are all safe and doing okay during these bizarre times.

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