Trouble using the Jefferis CMTK Registration GUI plugin

Hello @etadobson and others,

I am doing some image analysis in FIJI and need to use the CMTK Registration GUI plugin developed by the Jefferis Lab (

This plugin creates a command file, but when I try to run the command file, I am getting an error that states that I do not have appropriate access privileges. I’ve checked and I have read and write capabilities as the admin of my computer. I’ve tried restarting the computer, and uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin but I am still getting this error.

Any help figuring out how to get this plugin to work would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 4.54.44 PM


The best person to help you here is @jefferis … I do not have experience with this particular plugin.

It does appear that they have their own forum for this toolkit: So you could always try there - but please do report back any answers you get here. This will help others down-the-road here on

Thank you. I have posted to their forum and will be sure to post any solution here.

Can you link your post here @nsantistevan?

Here is the link to my post

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