Trouble using CellProfiler to count and categorize cells, by quantity of particles consumed

Hello, I am trying to use CellProfiler to count cells, and also count fluorescent particles inside the cells. And then finally to categorize the cells in to 6 categories: # cells in image, how many cells did not consume particles, how many cells consumed 1, 2-5, 6-10, and >10.

I have gotten as far as making the fluorescent particles a primary object, cells a secondary. Although I do not know how to find the pixel size of my cells. I also think ‘MeasureObjectNeighbors’ could have something to do with it but I am unsure.

I usually have to spend many hours going through the images myself, and then somebody told me about this program. Any help would be appreciated. I have included an image as an example.

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You probably want to identify both your cells and your dots as primary objects and relate them; I’ve attached a tutorial doing something similar here. You could then use Filter Objects to create the different categories you describe, or just export all the cells with measurements and categorize them later.

Segmenting cells in brightfield can be tricky in CP- we do have a tutorial online for a combined CP+ilastik workflow for doing this if that helps.

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