Trouble opening CellProfiler Analyst on Mac

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I have downloaded CellProfiler Analyst (2.2.1), along with the “CellProfiler Analyst Example Data and Properties File” from the CellProfiler website examples. However, when I tried opening CP Analyst and with the “” file, CP Analyst crashed, showing a window with “CellProfiler Analysist Error” (see screenshot please). I have tried earlier versions of CPA with the same problem. Currently I am using Mac O/S Mojave 10.14.6. Can you please help me determine what the problem might be?
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HI @ksberg,

You need a patch release for your current OS - see the post below.

Good luck!

Hi there

Thank you for the reply - I followed the directions on the post you referred me to, and now CPA works! However, I cannot get CellProfiler to open, it remains stuck on “Application not responding”. Is there an issue using the latest CP version on MacBook? I’m on a Mac OS version 10.14.6.

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What version of CellProfiler you’re trying to open?
CellProfiler 3.1.9 does work on Mac OS version 10.14.6.
Could you take a screenshot of the error message?