Trouble loading old pipelines?



When a new release of CellProfiler comes out, we try to make it straightforward to load your old pipelines with minimal hassle. Normally when you load an old pipeline, you will obtain a popup window for each module that has had significant changes in the new release. It will show you your old settings and ask you to re-enter them in the new module, so that you can doublecheck that everything makes sense with the new version.

The only weirdness is that if that procedure happens for a particular module that normally should produce an image called GreenCropped, when you load the new pipeline everything that used to USE the GreenCropped image will revert to some other image name (because GreenCropped is no longer in the pipeline). So keep an eye out for that. Maybe load the old pipeline once, see what the changes are and then just pay attention to what modules used to use that image name. Same goes for object names.

We will try to figure out a general, flexible, good way to handle this sort of loading problem.