Trouble loading and training with training sets on cell profiler analyst



For several training sets, I have saved and can not reload. When I try to reload I get the following error message. These are rather large training sets (~7,000 images).

An error occurred in the program:
TypeError: String or Unicode type required

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Applications/CellProfiler”, line 1123, in OnLoadTrainingSet
File “/Applications/CellProfiler”, line 1182, in LoadTrainingSetCSV
File “/Applications/CellProfiler”, line 740, in AddSortClass
box = wx.StaticBox(self.classified_bins_panel, label=label)
File “wx/_controls.pyc”, line 846, in init

In addition, after originally saving the training set, I tried to train with random forest classifier. It got to 99% then crashed giving me the message below. Interestingly, a smaller training set from the same image set had neither of these problem. I am running the program on a Mac and would appreciate any help !


Hi there! Sorry that it seems no one has ideas to try here. My only suggestion is to be sure that when reloading you are using the same properties file.

Aside from that I wonder if it only fails when you have multiple sort classes as opposed to two? That might help diagnose.