Trouble identifying true dapi due to low intensity in images

Hi everyone, I am new to using cell profiler. I have a pipeline to image dapi and lipid droplets in stellate cells but for since the images were taken at a low intensity, all the dapi can only be seen in log contrast setup and is not being identified accurately in the primary objects. I have uploaded images of what the pipeline see and what the log transformed image looks like. I need some help with this…

bodipy pipeline -1000x dilution.cpproj

Looks like your pipeline failed to upload. Could you also provide a raw image to test with and confirm which version of CellProfiler you’re using? Thanks

Hi , adding pipeline and the images here. Thank you for your help with this. I am using cell profiler 3.1.9.

lipid droplet 10_04_20.cpproj (1.2 MB) C - 03(fld 5 wv Blue - FITC).tif (8.0 MB) C - 03(fld 5 wv UV - DAPI).tif (8.0 MB) C - 03(fld 6 wv Blue - FITC).tif (8.0 MB) C - 03(fld 6 wv UV - DAPI).tif (8.0 MB)