Triggering Zeiss Fast Dual FilterWheel Micro-manager

Hi, Is there an adaptor available for triggering of the Zeiss Dual Filter wheel please? We have been quoted 50ms as time needed to change to neighbouring position but when using Zen 3.1 to run multicoloured time lapse experiments the delay has been well over 200ms.

We have successfully configured other Observer microscopes using MM but this one does not have the standard filter wheel. Using the Excitation switcher and Zeiss FilterWheel Adapters did not work.

Thank you in advance,
Microscopy Team at Ward Ober Lab

Hi @WardOber, welcome to this forum!

The ZeissCAN29 device adapter likely predates the Dual Filter Wheel. Most likely, the Dual Filter Wheel uses the ZeissCAN29 protocol, which should make it quite easy to add support of tat device. It would be best to ask Zeiss for the documentation on how to control the Dual Filter Wheel using the ZeissCAN29 protocol. The Micro-Manager output (Corelog) also will contain some information (as it queries the microscope for all devices it contains). I can help make changes to the code to add support for the Dual Filter Wheel but you likely will need to take the lead on this as it is very difficult to write this code without access to the actual hardware.

I am also doubtful that MM will do much better than Zen in terms of timing.

Dear Nico,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and suggest a way forward for us. With regards to your suggestion we do not have much coding experience within the group but are interested in using MatLab / Java as previous members of the group had written scripts for controlling previous microscopes. Would it be possible to see the uncompiled code for the CanBus29 MM adapter please or is this not widely available to the public?

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Source code is here: mmCoreAndDevices/DeviceAdapters/ZeissCAN29 at main · micro-manager/mmCoreAndDevices · GitHub. The ZeissCAN29 protocol is very nicely structured, and in the past I have added support for new devices in just a few lines of code. Probably all that is need is knowing the deviceID of the fast filter wheel. It would be best to ask Zeiss for programming information, but if you send a Trouble Report that captures loading the configuration file, and going through the hardware configuration wizard, then I can have a look to see if there is enough information there to get started.