Triggering Andor Camera Externally With Micro-Manager

I’m attempting to trigger my Andor iXon3 camera from an external source. I’m using micro-manager to control the camera from a computer. I know how to set the triggering to external. The issue is, I need to add a slight delay between the trigger and the camera exposure. I read in the manual for my camera that this should be possible but I can’t figure out which setting in micro-manager sets this delay. Has anyone done much external triggering with Andor cameras controlled through micro-manager? Cheers.

I don’t remember if this is implemented for Andor CCDs. If the trigger delay is supported, it should appear in the Device Property Browser as one of the camera’s settings. If you don’t see anything that looks like trigger delay there, it’s probably not implemented.

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Hello Mark,
Thanks so much for replying! I’m really new to developing things for micromanager and definitely feel a little lost.

I looked through the device property browser for such a setting. The closest thing I could find was “Snap Image Additional Delay (ms)” I didn’t know if this corresponded to an additional delay added on after the trigger or not. Is that what this setting controls? I’ve attached a screenshot or the device property browser that shows this setting. Let me know if this screenshot isn’t visible or downloadable. Thanks!



“Snap Image Additional Delay (ms)” is something else. (If I understand correctly, it adds a software delay so that the shutter doesn’t close prematurely when snapping an image. The other “Advanced” property is also related to this.)

I don’t see a trigger delay setting in the portion captured in your screen shot, so I’m afraid you might be out of luck unless it is hidden further down. What is the trigger source – is there any chance of introducing a delay before reaching the camera?

That makes sense. I don’t think there were any other trigger delay settings further down the list. My source is this LCC25 controller from thorlabs I have controlling a variable waveplate.

I’m pretty new to external camera triggering so I’m not sure if I can just use the straight output from this controller to trigger the camera. There might be an opportunity to introduce a delay between the voltage controller and the camera? Are there any good resources or introductions to hardware triggering you know of? Thanks so much!

Since this is possible in the camera’s SDK, you could ask Andor (who maintains the Andor Micro-Manager adapter code) to add this to MM.

It would be quite straight forward to use an Arduino to take the input trigger, and only provide an output trigger after a certain delay. You will need to write a a few lines of code to get an Arduino to do this (which will need a bit of time, but may end up being well spend).

This sounds like a great idea! Is there a contact at Andor I should specifically email or should I just through their general support email? Thanks!