TrakEM2 tutorial video



Dear all,

I made an exhaustive TrakEM2 tutorial video. It is quite long as I tried to cover all relevant aspects from stitching/alignment to segmentation.

I hope you like it.

Best Moritz


It’s very helpful. Thanks a lot!:hugs:


The video is great, but when I paused it, it wouldn’t start up again…I had to re-open it from the beginning. It also stuck during your import just after the macro description. Is there a way to get a copy?



Dear @rondespain

thank you for your feedback! I am sorry and will try to fix it as soon as I have proper internet connection. I will keep you posted here about improvements.

Best Moritz


@morimagic Awesome! Would you be willing to add a link, and/or embedded video, at <>? Adding it to this central documentation location would make it easier for people to find later.


Dear @rondespain

in current versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows and Safari and Chrome on Mac the video worked fine for me. However I put it temporarily here for download:
Hope that helps!

Best Moritz


Dear @ctrueden

That would be an honor!
Embed or link it how you think most appropriate. If you think the video may be hosted better elsewhere or have any other suggestions please let me know.

Best Moritz


I added it to the TrakEM2 tutorials wiki page as an embedded video. Right now it is at the bottom, after all the MP4 links. Maybe it deserves to be at the top. @albertcardona @axtimwalde what do you think?

@morimagic I heartily encourage you to edit that TrakEM2 tutorials wiki page however you see fit, such that it makes things as easy as possible for interested parties to find useful information.


Thanks @ctrueden ! Indeed, having it at the top seems most appropriate.