TrakEM2 - Transfer objects between layers?

we are currently investigating if TrakEM2 could be useful for us in manually annotating images of roots. We are particularly interested in using treeline objects. In our scenario we have a set of images of different time points which are registered and grouped in a stack. This stack is imported in a TrakEM2 project. Then in each image (layer) roots are to be marked by treeline objects. As the roots vary only slightly between neighboring images our idea would be to annotate the first image in the stack, then transfer/copy all treelines from this layer to the second layer and use them as starting point for annotating the second image, i.e. manipulate the copied objects afterwards, and so on. Our first question is: Is it possible to transfer objects from one layer to another in TrakEM2? For now we just found the option to transfer objects to a sibling project, but I did not discover any possibility for copying them betwenn layers within a single project. The second question would be how links between objects in different layers can be established. Assuming that objects can somehow be copied from one layer to another I guess that the copied objects get new IDs. But, is there any (automatic) option to keep the link between original object and copy, e.g., to trace the object through all the layers, i.e. in our case over time?
Thanks in advance and best regards,