TrakEM2 Import from Text File

I’m trying to register a very large, multi-channel data set in which the images are different sizes. I watched the TrakEM2 tutorial here (, and it was very helpful and showed almost exactly what I need to do.

Unfortunately, I am running into trouble with importing from the text file. I am doing exactly what is shown in the video - relevant portion beginning just after the 1 hour mark - but when I try to import I get the following error:

Opener: Unsupported format or file not found:

It seems like it might be searching in the trakem2 folder instead of the location I specified in the import dialog. Not really sure what’s going on, and I can’t find much on the forum. Has anyone run into this problem? Has anyone else able to follow the steps in the video and get it to work correctly?

I seem to be running into a lot of bugs in general with TrakEM2. For example, adjust contrast layer-wise (or even for selected image, for that matter) does not work with multiple images in the layer. It doesn’t throw an error, it simply does nothing regardless of the values I set.

I’m updated to the latest version of FIJI - are folks having a smoother experience with an older version, maybe I should revert?

This issue may be similar to mine. (At minimum, the error messages are the same. :slight_smile: )

My problem has been resolved in the latest daily builds.