TrakEM2 file format

I am trying to open a TrakEM2 project in a separate program (that I am writing) that is not related to ImageJ in any way, but I don’t know how the file type works, so I have a few questions about it.
how are the area lists stored in the TrakEM2 xml file?
how can you determine which area list corresponds to which image?
what does the transformation matrix translate to/how do I get the landmark alignment?
how do you determine the order of layers, and why do the id/oid’s skip every 3rd number?
it would be great if someone knew the answers to any of these questions

Hello @jamcdonald120 and welcome to the ImageJ forum!

You should try contacting the plugin main author, @albertcardona. He can give you all those details. Another (and much harder) option is to dive into the code and find the answers yourself.

didnt think of direct contact but I briefly searched the code and couldn’t find the detales

I understand. Wait a day or two to see if he answers this post. Otherwise I can try to find some time to dig into the code myself, but I’m afraid that would take longer.