TrakEM2, drag and drop fails


I work with windows 7 and my drag and drop doesn’t work. Not only in Fiji, also in Photoshop CS4. I already
tried to fix the registry, but I can’t find the parts that have to be changed.

How can I load .tif images in my canvas without drag and drop? I can stitch (2D) by plugin->stitch->grid collection, but I want to open and stitch my single tiles in trakEM2 for elastic alignment and match intensities.

How about the Right-click > Import menu on the TrakEM2 canvas? You have the option to import images from a list in a text file, or to import an image or stack currently opened in Fiji (as a virtual stack).

I tried this:

File-> import-> image sequence
-> Number of images: 3 (just a test)
-> Starting image: 1
-> Increment: 1
-> Scale images: 100%
-> File name contains: “no entry”
-> Use virtual stack
4088x4086 x 3 (47,8MB)

Than the image sequence was loaded
File-> New-> TrakEM2 (blank)

Than right-click in canvas-> import-> import stack

The 3 images were than imported as layers-> chose stack-> ok-> slice thickness 1.000
Lock stack: no
-> One file was in the “patches” (but only one of them visible, or none of them, very confusing)
-> 3 files were loaded as Layers

But when I used “import stack”, perhaps I did the wrong thing because I don’t want a stack, I want
a montage and therefore import my single images as patches.
Using an other PC, it worked well with drag and drop-> my files were visible as patches.
Than I was able to montage them and export the result.

I also tried the text file, but what do I have to write for the single files in the text document?
I wrote the file names:
And it didn’t work

Than I wrote the directory including file names:

To import from text file, I right clicked on canvas-> import from text file
But both approaches didn’t work.

Is there an other way?

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Very very strange. I just clicked away the box for “run as admin”, now it works with Fiji.
Now, it works with Photoshop CS4 too.

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