TrakEM2 alignment advice

I’m impressed with the slice alignment tools in trakem, but can’t figure out how to best solve my problem.
The goal is to import two Zstack blocks and align the blocks to the faces only. I’m guessing to import each as locked groups of ‘patches’, but that overlays in the same layer. How does one import into a new layer, then how to align those two block layers?
Data are confocal stacks, not TEM. Data are hyperstacks, but I guess trakem doesn’t use hyperstructure, so the ultimate would be to store the alignment params and apply to all other channels.
Anyone do something like this with trakem?
I’ve tried slicewise alignment with the face as reference with 'propagate forward" option to some success, but I’m hoping there is faster way that just moves the blocks.
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Import both stacks as series of slices and then align only the two slices at the interface with the first as reference and ‘propagate forward’ checked. That moves the second block.

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