Trajectory and circle with a given diameter, display

I have an image that has some particles and coordinates of centroid with diameter, ellipticity values of a particle. Is it possible to display the trajectory and the circle corresponding to the values(Size of the particle) in the image? Should I use Macro or any specific plugin? Could you give me any advice?
example(1-10).tif (68.5 KB) x,y,diameter.txt (311 Bytes)

Take a look at TrackMate that is available with Fiji… has great docs and the developer is active on the forum. :slight_smile:

It’s a good plugin to track particles and display. But the blob size doesn’t change according to the size of particles.


So the size of your particles are changing over time as you track them? Or you just have particles varying in size that you are tracking?

The size of my particles are changing over time. And I know the diameter of my particles with ellipticity. I want to display these values on the image.
I’m trying using Matlab.