Training in Zurich: ZIDAS 2018, 19th - 24th June 2018 @ Zurich

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Can you help us spread the word about the Zurich Image and Data Analysis School?

What it is?
This year we run a Summer School in Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientist.
The registration is now open and we would love to see students from across the world participating (we even have a few travel grants to make this happen)!
Date and location 19-24 June 2018 @ ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Application deadline: 14 April 2018.
Web-page with information and application:

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Are you a life-scientist needing to quantify microscopy images?
Do you want to learn how to automatically detect objects in images, track spots and cells, build reproducible image processing workflows, deconvolve and enhance microscopy images, and handle massive data? If yes, this school is for you!

What will you learn?
In this one-week sc, ool you will get a hands-on introduction to Image Processing and Analysis, with an emphasis on biologically relevant examples. You will learn the fundamentals of image analysis, including macro programming in ImageJ/Fiji, scripting in MATLAB, as well as other software solutions and a range of focused topics.

In the first part of the week, we will cover the process of image formation as it pertains to image analysis: Resolution, correct exposure, point-spread functions, detector noise, Shannon’s sampling theorem, and aliasing. All with a clear focus on application in the lab.

In the second part of the week we will cover a number of focused topics, building on what was learnt during the first days:

  • Call4Help session
  • Scripting in MATLAB
  • Tracking particles and cells in time-lapse recordings
  • Segmentation and classification via supervised Machine Learning in ilastik
  • De-convolution of microscopy images
  • Stitching and registration of stacks of large image data
  • Working on your own project / data

Time: 19th - 24th June 2018

Place: ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Participation fee: 500 CHF (academia) / 1000 CHF (industry)

For further information please visit this webpage:

Szymon Stoma, Beat Schuler & Simon F. Nørrelykke
Image and Data Analysis (IDA) group, Scientific Center for Optical and Electron Microscopy (ScopeM) | EXCITE @ ETH Zurich


Hi sir,
I am a student of masters and my research direction is Medical Image segmentation? I want to participate in this training. Is there any funding for foreign students? if yes then what is the procedure?