Training Features - Plugin WEKA

I have tried to perform training using the FIJI program and WEKA plugin, however the analysis options are varied and the choice of the training features are difficult to choose, someone could suggest files, documents that explain what each type of filter does the images ?

Some examples:

  1. Gaussian Blur
  2. Hessian
  3. Membrane projections
  4. Mean
  5. Maximum
  6. Anisotropic Diffusion
  7. Lipschitz
  8. Gabor


Did you check out the Trainable Weka page on the ImageJ Wiki? There is a whole section describing the features in more detail.

Too - you can always share here an example image (in the original file format) and then what you hope to segment, etc. Then we can better advise you perhaps?

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Yes! I accessed the link, but the explanations of the website are difficult to understand and it would be nice to read something simpler to begin with.

In my case, I need to write about the filters and learn about them and then only choose which or which filters I should select.

Hello Carlos_Alberto,
Now you are running into the age old problem where different ‘specialities’ use different words or language to mean the same things. Why? I don’t know, but almost all of the filters involve Statistics so you will have to translate the filter language to statistics language with a textbook. Once you start getting the idea of the comparison techniques you will understand much better.
Just takes a little study.
Good Luck,
P.S. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it.


This is my picture, I need quantify the black dots.

Hi @Carlos_Alberto, You do not need weka for the task of quantifying black dots. If you go to Fiji and do Image -> Adjust Threshold, in the panel that opens if you select the value in the top box as 0 and in second box as 56, you would get a nice segmented image having only the black dots.

Please note that the value of 56 was because I only saw the dots having Max intensity of 55 by manually just looking at their intensity values, in case you have a different Max intensity for other images just choose in the second box a value of that Max intensity + 1.

The segmented image after doing a simple thresholding is attached:Threshold01_003_30_11%20-%20cortada

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Thank you very much!
In my research, I used this methodology and now I am comparing other methods and WEKA has proved effective on some occasions. But I believe, that with the right filters choices [training features] will give me better accuracy in the data.