Trainable Weka Segmention - how to apply classifier to another image

Hello, I used trainable weka segmentation on one image, it worked well. I was able to put a mask onto the correct structures. I saved classifier for it. However, later, when I tried to apply same classifier onto another relevant image, it was unable to do anything. Question: is it possible to apply classifier created on one image to another image?

Hi bro. Did you get the answer to your question?

nope no one has replied to this question yet

Dear @1timur1,

  1. open a file and use advanced Weka segmentation
  2. Save the classifier if you need it in the future
  3. Load classifier if needed and choose your model
  4. Apply classifier
  5. choose your image
  6. select probability (YES) or segmentation (NO)

Something doesnt work in this procedure in my FIJI program. I created and saved classifier on one image, then opened another image, reopened it in advanced Trainable Weka Segmentation, loaded saved classifier, and clicked “train classifier”. I received message that I need at least two sets of examles. Doesn’t work! Also I don’t see where I click "select probability (yes) or segmentation (no).
Thank you.