Trainable WEKA Segmentation 3D - Core mtj jar file Error


I have issues with using 3D trainable weka segmentation. After I select my ROI’s, I get an warning which is followed by an error message “core mtj jar files are not available as resources to this classloader…” immediately i click the train classifier button. coreMTJ%20file%20error Traininable%20WEKA%203D%20fiji

This error doesn’t occur when i do not select edges as part of my training features. However, I only need 3 features (edges, mean and variance) to get the best training for my classifier.

Please what can i do to remedy this error?

Many thanks for your help.


Can you copy/paste the whole text of the console error message you get?

I think (???) it might be that you have no enabled the ImageScience update site (click here to see how to enable update sites). Try doing that if you haven’t already… as a first, quick test.



Thank you @etadobson. Its working now. you just saved me and I really appreciate!

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Not related to that error, however, wouldn’t thresholding based on gresycale values return the 4 phases and in a more easily/explainable manner than the weka segmentation?
Just run a mean filter and you get 4 distinct peaks in the histogram.

Hi @gabriel. On the contrary, I think it is the reason for the error.

I didn’t bother about simple thresholding because of the low contrast of the image (the greyscale histogram has only one peak). Yes, I could still segment the image by applying filters, but I need the curvature of the interfaces preserved. Thus, applying filters may not help in this case. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

The “not related to that error” was my comment that followed!

Oh now i see! Thank you once again.