Trainable WEKA plugin stats

It would be great if the run data was shown in the WEKA app when you click the WEKA bird (lower left button) as I like to see the statistics of the training (confusion matrix, prob of correct catagorization…etc). I currently have to save the arff and open it in WEKA, and run it in with the same model to get the statistics. Maybe the stats could be output to the log if the WEKA app can’t be left in the as run condition after an ImageJ plugin training.

Is there a simpler way to get the statistics on the training?

Ron DeSpain

If you save both the data as ARFF and the classifier as .model, then you can open both in the WEKA Explorer (the ARFF as supplied test set) and re-evaluate the model to get all those stats.

That’s how I do it now.

P.S. it’s when I load the model and ARFF back into the trainable WEKA segmentation plugin that the options setup button goes off screen.