I would like to know whether there is an option to display the paths of the tracked objects over the time-lapse images.

Hi Reinat,
Unfortunately, TrackObjects does not have that option at this time. We usually use 3rd-party software like MATLAB for any post-processing needs when it comes to visualizing tracking results.

Now there is! Check out

Dear David,

I have been trying to use tracer to plot a cell lineage for 2000+ frames. However, the tracer always crushes in such a situation. While if I run it for 20-40 frames, it does plot the lineage tree. Could you please help me solve the problem? Also, I want to learn how the tracer plots the lineage based on the data generated by the profiler. Is the source code for tracer open?

Thank you very much.

For source code, see this link and the code is a branch on github.

What is the error? What are your computing specs (RAM, OS, 64-bit?)? Have you tried on different computers?

I will say that Tracer is not under active development (to my knowledge!) and so you’re probably on your own, but we’ll help advise if we can.