TrackObjects in parallel

is there a way to set up CP such that TrackObjects is running after all images are processed and objects identified? Essentially I’m looking for a way to process images and track objects from one time-lapse using multiple workers. If it’s not currently possible within CP, is there any MATLAB/R/Python script that you could recommend that would take object coordinates computed for every frame in CP and just track them externally?


Maybe the following?

  • Have CP save the segmentation results as object labels with SaveImages for each movie.
  • Have another pipeline load the labeled images as objects, i.e, set “Assign a name” to “Images matching rules” and set “Image type” to “Objects” in NamesAndTypes
  • Use Metadata and Groups to define each movie of labels as a separate movie, and then use TrackObjects.

Due to the nature of object tracking, each movie of labels can only be processed with a single worker, but if you have multiple movies, each movie will be processed in parallel.