TrackObject Module Missing ID #'s in Output

Hello, I have a question about the TrackObjects module. The output image with the colors and ID’s show that the program is working well to track cells. I am having trouble finding where the Cell ID numbers are stored in the output file though. I need these to be able to sort my measurements appropriately.

Under: handles.Pipeline.Trackobjects.Cells.Current.Labels I have found the labels for the last and previous image of the sequence. But, I would like to be able to find the ID numbers for earlier images as well. My current pipeline is set up:

ID Primary Automatic
Convert to Image
TrackObjects (based on distance)
Measure Area
Overlay Outlines
Same Images (outlines, and tracking)
Speed up Cell Profiler.

I also tried w/o speed up cell profiler and still only found 2 sets of object IDs.

I’m using the 64 bit version, on Windows XP.

Thank you,
VENUSpipeNOEDGE3track+intensity.mat (1.66 KB)

Hi Karen,

You should be able to find the full set of measurements in the field for your object in the handles structure. So for your pipeline, under handles.Measurements.Cells, you should see a series of fields with “TrackObjects_” as a prefix. For your case, “TrackObjects_ObjectID” is the field in which the cell IDs are stored, and the rest of the measurements are associated with the same structure.


Hello, thanks for replying. I unfortunately don’t see anything with a track objects prefix under the measurements handle. Is there something I there a certain setting or pipeline module I need in order for this to save properly?

Yes; in TrackObjects, you will need to select “Yes” for the setting “Do you want to calculate statistics?”