TrackMate with macOS Mohave



I am quite new to ImageJ, but managed to install the TrackMate plugin on imageJ and imageJ2, however, neither of them loads up.
I cannot find the TrackMate in the Plugin menu which I assume it might be due to the incompatibility with my macOS: Mohave.

I made sure path Randomization is not an issue.

Question: is TrackMate compatible with Mohave, and if no is there any way to go around the issue?


It should. TrackMate is bundled with Fiji, not ImageJ.
Can you try to download Fiji here: ?


@mRaz any news?


It works but the issue is that the image quality is very low for an orthodox image processing. I am trying to track oil bubbles released at deep sea.
So, I developed an algorithm in Mathematica to detect the bubbles and track them based on a predicted path.

I’ll let you know if I had any videos with better quality (observation period is 6 month, 10 s of video every 3 h; so I haven’t processed them all yet).