TrackMate v5.1.0 released

Jean-Yves (@tinevez) just released a new #trackmate version: 5.1.0 :rocket:

You’ll get the new version by running Help > Update… in your Fiji installation.

The new release features:

  • a new option plugin (contributed by myself) allowing choice of the colormap used for the visualizations of spot and track overlays in TrackMate


    You can now choose more suitable colormaps depending on what kind of measurements you are visualizing in your tracking datasets. The default choice is the original Jet color table, to keep full backwards compatibility.

  • a scriptable capture overlay action:

    final TrackMate trackmate = ...
    final ImagePlus capture = CaptureOverlayAction.capture( trackmate, 15, 25 );;

  • bugfixes in the Kalman tracker

For more details, see:

Thanks to @tinevez for constantly improving this plugin!

Happy tracking!


@imagejan forgot to say he is the author of the TrackMate option system, and the LUT system.

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I did:

But thanks for mentioning. The new option plugin is made possible by #scijava, so all thanks go to @ctrueden!

Woops sorry :sleepy: :sleepy:
Thank you so much Jan! You make this plugin alive!