TrackMate-TrackAnalysis extension



I have tried to install the track analysis extension for TrackMate to include

    but it does not appear to recognise the extension, as the track statistics I get after I run Trackmate have not changed; I still get the same output. Is there something I miss?



How exactly did you do the installation?

From what I gather… you need to:

  1. Download the Track Analysis extension
  2. Add that .jar file to your folder
  3. Restart Fiji.

TrackMate will recognize the extra modules and will integrate them in the plugin.

Just try to reinstall it once again… if it’s still not working - report back exactly how you did your installation and the subsequent steps, etc.


Too - make sure to scroll all the way to the end of your “Track statistics” table… when I do the above steps - those extra measures are there.


Thank you very much for the attachment. It seems I had downloaded the wrong file from Github. It works fine now.



Hi there,

I’m interested in using this extension - however, from the Github page, I can’t seem to find any definitions for these analysed parameters?

Some of them are self explanatory to me, however, I would like to know how mean direction change rate is defined in this instance.

Do you know where I can find this information?



True, I did not write it yet and sorely miss the time to do so.
You will have to rely on the code in the meantime.