TrackMate Track ID Procedure

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I have a question on Track ID Labeling on TrackMate. Once the objects are tracked, and these tracks are assigned a track ID, are these track IDs randomly assigned by TrackMate, or does TrackMate assign a track ID based off some parameter (i.e. track length, duration, quality, standard deviation, intensity, etc…)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Dom_Romano
Nope Track_ID can be considered random. It is the first available integer when the track is iterated at creation.

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Hi @tinevez
Thank you for your response, I greatly appreciate it. This was very helpful.

Hi All,

I have another question, this time on spot selection and acquisition. When TrackMate identifies and finds spots for tracking, can the spot selection process be considered random as well, or is it dependent on a parameter (i.e. spot intensity, spot position, etc…)? Thanks for all the help!


You mean the order in which they are tracked?
Yes also you cannot rely on a meaningful deterministic way to select them.
Which leads to … what are you trying to do?

I am trying to track endothelial cell migration. The tracking of these ECs with the LoG detector is quite successful, but I was wondering about the process the LoG detector uses to identify these cells. Specifically, does the LoG detector in TrackMate select, or identify, a cell randomly or does it identify a cell identification (I think it is called “spot identification” in TrackMate) with a deterministic process? Sorry about the missing details. Hopefully this is a more clear description.

Thanks again for the help!