TrackMate to quantify retrograde and anterograde transport?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on mitochondria transport with Trackmate (and Track Analysis). I am desperate to quantify the amount of anterograde and retrograde transport of mitochondria along axons. I can not find this information with Trackmate (neither Track Analysis). I have reoriented and stabilized all my films, movements are therefore predominantly in X. So here are some questions :

1-Is it possible with Trackmate to have, the Delta Xt0-Xtfinal?

2-To determine the time spent making a retrograde or anterograde move during the recording? (like what can be done with manual tracking for example)

3-To have the relative speed? (minus 0 : retrograde and plus 0 : anterograde) Maybe by adding a reference point?


Hello @Scouly

I am afraid my answers won’t be satisfying.
There are no track features that do that in TrackMate, or in known extensions.
Maybe someone did it and will say so here?

Otherwise you will have to do it yourself. You can either

  1. Import the tracks in a software like MATLAB and write your own analysis script
  2. Write your own Track Analysis module if you like Java: