Trackmate- particle centroids for one time-step-XYZ

Dear @tinevez,
I am a newbie to this community. I have XYZ data set, and I’m interested in exporting the tracked centroids for one-time step XY or XYZ, not XYZ-t, etc.
Particle detection is working like a charm, see attached, but I had a problem with the linking step. I can’t connect the particles because I have only one time-step (XYZ). When I proceed further in tracking, I am always getting some error message saying ‘0’ spots.
I would appreciate it if someone could help me get the XY-Z coordinates without liking or skipping the linking step.

Hello @activevsesi

Normally there should not be any problem with linking, even if you have just 1 time-point. The spots should not disappear. I don’t know why they do so in your case. Here are some leads:

  • What is your TrackMate version?
  • Can you check the dimensionality of your image, as reported by Image > Properties? How many z-slices, how many channels etc are reported there?
  • What happens if you select the Manual tracking tracker in the menu?