TrackMate manual tracking

In our group we are interested in endocytosis, so we track endocytic invaginations following two different fluorophores (via Optosplit) and measure the intensity change over time. For this purpose, we are using Manual tracking of TrackMate: we add spots of a particular size, track them manually, and then measure the intensity.

However, we would like to know if there is any tool to copy the spots/track created in one stack (fluorophore 1) and paste them in another stack (fluorophore 2). We explored the option “copy overlay to” but it did not work for more than a single frame of the stack.

Thank you very much for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @marcag47

You cannot do this simply in TrackMate, unfortunately.
What you can do is

  • Make a copy of the XML file, and edit it in a good text editor;
  • Find in the XML file the line that points to the TIF file on which you did the analysis. It looks like this:
    <ImageData filename="DUP_TIM1 GFP clat dsred TIRF-5.tif" folder="/Users/tinevez/Desktop/" width="310" height="362" nslices="1" nframes="113" pixelwidth="0.1" pixelheight="0.1" voxeldepth="1.0" timeinterval="2.463" />

  • Change the filename tag to point to the other TIF file on which you want to copy the overlay.

Next time you open the edited file in TrackMate, it will also open the new TIF file and put the annotation on it.