TrackMate - Changing spot radius

Dear ImageJ community,

Does anybody know if it is possible to change the spot radius in TrackMate after having already tracked (and manually corrected) all cells? We would like to decrease the radius, in order to avoid any empty space influencing the intensity measurement in cases where the radius is larger than the cell.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @disputator1991

You have to that via scripting for now.

  • You want to access the value of the spot feature RADIUS. Something in the line of (pseudocode):
for spot in spots:
     radius = spot.getFeature('RADIUS')
     spot.putFeature('RADIUS', 0.85 * radius)
  • Then you need to trigger a recalculation of all the spot features.
    • In the GUI you do this via the action that has this name.
    • In a script with the TrackMate object:
trackmate.computeSpotFeatures( True )