Hello everyone
I made a short pipeline for cell (nuclei) tracking - LoadImage, IdentifyPrimaryObjects, TrackObjects, SaveImages, ExportToSpreadsheet.
I tried the LAP tracking and in principle this pipeline functions but I encountered a strange problem. The tracking module “connects” correctly allways two subsequent images but for the next two images it completely renews the IDs of objects. I tried to change the parameters of the tracking and it basically does the same mistake. Am I missing something? What can influence this? It seems quite strange because in one step it tracks (connects) the objects fine but in the next it fails. I am almost sure it has a simple solution But I am not experienced enough to solve it. I have binary mask images made from from low magification images, so its tens - hundreds of objects.


Hi Tony,

If you are using the LAP method with the 2nd phase enabled, if you are using SaveImages to assess whether the objects are being connected correctly, it may be misleading since the 2nd phase “cleans up” the initial tracks created by the 1st phase. You would need to examine the final output in the spreadsheet (in particular, the TrackObjects_Label) to obtain the fully connected tracks.


Hi Mark,
yes, I look in the saved images. Thank you for your explanation. I am affraid that I tried both with and w/o 2nd phase with similar results. Nevertheless, I will check the output file.

Thanks again