Tracking Objects

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How to export the track object data (i.e., ID for tracked objects) for time lapse images? I have 76 time frames. We were able to track the cells and the tracked cells were given ID in each frame. However, if say, 5 cells were identified in time frame one and one of them disappears in time frame 30 and reappears in time frame 33 or so. Instead of giving the cell same ID as of in fame one, a new ID (say 7 in this case) was assigned. The object number in exported excel sheet and track object ID number does not match? Is there a way that we can export the tracked objects ID numbers into spread sheet along with the object number?


Hi Naga,

Right. This is a the fundamental issue that makes tracking difficult! So, on what basis are you mentally assigning the ID’s to the cells that lose their identification across missing frames? Location? Shape? The LAP method attempts to ‘bridge’ these gaps in frames with a simple motion/location model, but there is a cost in the loss of simplicity of configurability with this method. But try it out and see if the second phase of the LAP can bridge your gaps (Better, try your best to improve segmentation!)

This post might help clarify: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4366&p=13250&hilit=trackobjects#p13250
In short, be sure you are exporting all the object tables, and look for the “Label” measurements.

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