Tracking mitochondria

Hi there (@tinevez)

Do you have any suggestion for tracking anterograde and retrograde mitochondria? I was trying Trackmate… Does it work on non-round objects? What is the best algorithm to exclude objects that don’t move (at least not too much)? Here is an example of an image to track, I want to follow the smaller and fastest ones.

test.tif (4.7 MB)

Thank you


I looked at your movie and I think this is going to be really hard to track, especially in an automated fashion. The moving mitochondria are moving a long way between frames so figuring out the linking isn’t easy, even for a person.

Anyway, since the static objects are are not moving that much you could create another movie with the temporal average of the original movie subtracted and analyze that. This should remove most of the signal from the stationary mitochondria. Though not perfectly in your example movie because there is also some photo-bleaching, or intensity change in the movie.

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