Tracking cells that branch out in TrackScheme

Hello everyone,

I’m tracking this cell line in TrackScheme and it splits into two cells and so I linked the split line together under one track. My problem now is that I want to take that very long track and rename it so that I have two sub-tracks as I want to look at the data of the split cells separately. Is there anyway to do this with TrackScheme/TrackMate?


There is an action - developed with Milan Esner from Brno, Czech Republic - that does something like this.

Try to run the Branch hierarchy analysis action. It will bring a table that show feature values for branches only. If you click on the line in the table corresponding to the table, the corresponding branch get selected. See below, and tell us what you think of this.

Thanks for the response! I tried using the Branch hierarchy analysis, but unfortunately the information I want is related to the individual spot analysis from the track so it’s not specific enough for me. I attached a picture of what my TrackScheme looks like and essentially I want to be able to pull the analysis from the highlighted track separately from the overall track as TrackScheme counts the sub-branches of the track as one entire track (as in the Track ID is the same for both branches and I want to separate the two). Is there another to do this besides manually exporting the data from the table on the left?