Tracking cell deformation in a video format

Hi, I am pretty new to using cell profiler. I have a bright field video of cell deformation from circular to a elliptical shape and vice versa, while measuring the shape parameters. Can you guide me how to go about this. Thanks

Hi Sam,

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To get started using CellProfiler for analysis, we recommend watching this CellProfiler introductory workshop, which is available on the Center for Open Bioimage Analysis YouTube Channel. You can download the corresponding written tutorial on Translocation from the CellProfiler Github page. Since you’re working with brightfield images, you may find using ilastik helpful to detect your cell boundaries. This tutorial has more details. (Often in brightfield images changes in texture are what indicate where cells are located as opposed to changes in pixel intensity; CellProfiler is best at detecting objects of high pixel intensity. ilastik can help you create images w/ high pixel intensity where your cell objects are located).

Once you get started building a pipeline to analyze your images, if you have questions, please do reach back out on the forum!